JFK as a teen


JFK as a teen


Wow, you two are practically twins…

jennypo i died laughing when i saw this! all i could think of was the whole movie theater screaming/clapping! 

daechellee hahaha that was the best! Our theater laughed and clapped so much, especially during this part 😂


I know I’ve posted this a hundred times but… I can’t get tired…



be the kind of person that Steve Rogers knows you can be

What’s interesting about good and moral people is that they actually have to try and function in a word that isn’t. And the older you get, the more interesting that becomes. Because it’s also the hardest thing to do in the world. (x) (x)


You’ve got a friend in me.

Try writing a story about best friends. They might be completely different, but still love one another just the same. We all need that companionship, and possibly same with your main character.